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The Revolution!

The Full Force Engagement Platform is the heart of your Full Force experience. This innovative social gaming experience invites you to undertake missions, compete with others, and invest in the projects that you now know so well.

Here's how the platform works: Full Force Engagement Tracking Complete your profile, and join/follow the social channels of the project you want to invest in. You must join the social channels so that we can track your engagement

Engaging in Missions

On top of your regular engagement, we also have project-specific missions tailored to drive community interaction. You can choose to undertake these missions based on your interests and the available rewards.

Completing Tasks

You undertake missions by completing the stated tasks. Tasks can range from simple actions, like liking a post on social media, to more complex tasks that require community collaboration or on-chain activity

Climbing the Missions Leaderboard

As you engage and complete missions, you earn power that contributes to your ranking on the Missions Leaderboard. The more tasks you complete within missions, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard. The higher your leaderboard position, the higher your allocation percentage in the project.

Earning Force Points (FP) and Building Your Profile

A distinguishing asset of Full Force is Force Points (FP). As you accumulate FP, you boost your ecosystem power.

This power, in conjunction with your profile level (based on XP), determines the rewards you can unlock. Force Pass holders can unlock exclusive rewards unavailable to those without a pass, adding a layer of excitement and potential value to your experience.

— — —

To sum up — the Full Force Engagement Platform offers an engaging and rewarding new way to invest in projects.

By taking part in missions, achieving tasks, and climbing the Missions Leaderboard, you can win valuable prizes and ultimately receive allocations in top-tier projects!

With every mission you undertake, you're not just earning Force Power (FP). You're growing, learning, and becoming a valuable part of the Full Force community.

So, get ready to interact, compete, thrive, and earn with Full Force.

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